2023-09-06 02:45:37
Supported Accommodation - Complete Homes

Supported Accommodation

Supported Accommodation is the minimum provision we offer as a company as part of our stated mission. To stay in our properties, we expect our residents to be involved in low-intensity, regular community meetings and key working sessions to assist each resident and ensure they receive multi-agency support.

There are mandatory requirements to access semi-structured, formal residential meetings where practical issues can be ironed out together as a small community, emphasising creating a healthy, safe environment for all participants.

Regular keyworking sessions are organised and cover tenancy support, benefit support and if additional needs are identified, relevant referrals to appropriate agencies to resolve issues and maximise the support process.

Complete Homes CIC is based in Oldham and runs supported accommodation for vulnerable adults throughout the whole of the North of England

Supported living is a term given to a range of services to help disabled and vulnerable people to retain their independence in the local community.”

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